Сила в синтетике
масла и антифризы Sintec


High-quality multifunctional antiscoring waterproof lubricant on the base of mineral oil.

Application scope: for all the types of antifriction and parallel bearings, friction units of and wheeled and track vehicles, industrial machinery, equipment, seaborne machinery, electrical machines and other units and mechanical devices.

The lubricant is operative at temperature from – 40 °С to + 120 °C, short-time – to +130 °C.

Lubricant SHRUS-4 is produced from petroleum oil and lithium soap 12-hydroxystearic acid, contains additive package that improves its antioxidant and viscosity properties.

The lubricant is purchased in convenient package with capacity of 250 and 100 ml, affordable.

Packaging types

Quantity Vendor code
100 ml631031
250 ml663322
800 gr800401
2,1 kg804152
9,5 kg99000
18 kg90053

Approval of DERWAYS

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