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Auto wash shampoo Sintec Dr. Active Classic

Ready-to-use car shampoo produced by classical technology and on the base of the best western components. Convenient packaging and optimally selected concentration allows to use shampoo in household and professional high-pressure washing apparatus.

The quality of the product corresponds to the quality of professional analogue SINTEC Dr. Active concentrate, which is the best mean in the Russian market. High biodegradability allows to use the product almost everywhere. As a contact shampoo can be used diluted (200 – 250 ml of the product for 10 l of water).

1. Apply the foam on the surface of the car.
2. After applying the foam wait 2-3 min.
3. Rinse the foam and contaminations with high-pressure jet of water.
To speed up the drying – wipe surface with a soft cloth or special towels. 

Packaging types

Quantity, kg Vendor code

Physical and chemical characteristics 


Typical values 

 Density at +20°C,  g/sm3  


 рН – value 1% solution 


 Cleaning efficiency 




Типовые показатели продукта не являются спецификацией производителя и могут изменяться в пределах требований нормативной документации АО "Обнинскоргсинтез"

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